Rolling stock - everything from a single source

We offer everything from the concept to manufacturing and commissioning.
e.g.: Workshop wagons, low loader wagons, flat wagons or special wagons.
Here are a few examples:

Modular platform wagons Wengernalpbahn

Universally applicable 2-axle platform wagon with built-in quick-change system for the integration of a tipping skip or a loading platform for various loads. Can be removed for e.g. tipping trailer, crane module, catenary lifting platform, container, etc. Empty weight with loading platform 5.8 t (with skip 7.27 t) Max. total weight 24 t. Track width 800 mm, rack system Riggenbach, incline max. 250‰.

Platform wagon with loading platform WABPlatform wagon with tipping skip WABLocomotive with gravel carriage

Low loader wagon Rigi Bahn

Low loader wagon X105 of the Rigi Bahn with loading ramps for transporting goods, machines and vehicles, e.g. truck incl. cargo. Empty weight 8.6 t, payload 22 t, total weight 30.6 t, track width 1435 mm, rack system Riggenbach, incline max. 250 ‰.

Low loader wagon Rigi BahnLow loader wagon Rigi BahnHGV transport with low loader wagon

Low loader wagon Schafbergbahn (A)

Low loader wagon for the Schafbergbahn (SKGB) for transporting various goods. Empty weight 5.5 t (without tipping platform, side loading), payload 11.5 t, permissible total weight 17 t. Track width 1000 mm, rack system Abt, incline max. 260 ‰.

Low loader wagon SKGBLow loader wagon SKGBLow loader wagon SKGB

Catenary and workshop wagon Jungfraubahn

Workshop wagon X55 for the Jungfraubahn, equipped with enclosed technical room with an emergency power unit, hydraulic unit, switch cabinet, transformer, an enclosed workshop section and a universal transport tipping platform. The device is used in the catenary service and route maintenance. Empty weight 17 t, payload of tipping platform 5 t, total weight 22 t, track width 1000 mm, rack system Strub, incline max. 250 ‰.

Workshop wagons JungfraubahnWorkshop wagons JungfraubahnWorkshop wagons Jungfraubahn

Low loader wagon Jungfraubahn

Low loader wagon Sklp 84 for Jungfraubahn. The wagon can be used for transporting various materials. Empty weight 7 t, payload 18 t, total weight 25 t.

Low loader wagon JungfraubahnLow loader wagon JungfraubahnLow loader wagon Jungfraubahn