STECK all-wheel drive pneumatic tyred rollers

The all-wheel drive pneumatic rollers are available with various additional equipment.

*Special designs on request

TypeOperating weightRoller widthleaflet
PW 2 A2'300 kg1240 mmPneumatic roller PW2 A 
*PW12 A10‘000 - 10‘300 kg1490 mmPneumatic roller PW12_16 
*PW16 A13‘500 - 17‘200 (-21 t) kg1850 mmPneumatic roller PW12_16 
All-wheel drive pneumatic roller STECK PW2 AAll-wheel rollers STECKAll-wheel pneumatic tyred roller STECK PW16 A

PW2 A. Two free roller sides. Free view of the tyre edges. Stainless steel pressure sprinkler system with interval switching circuit. Rubber wheel scrapers individually adjustable (self-adjusting) and can be lifted off. Safety equipment in accordance with CE. No maintenance other than changing the oil and the filter. Miscellaneous additional equipment available.

PW12 A and PW16 A. All-wheel drive via differential gearbox, hydrostatic drive with two speed ranges, servo-controlled precision start-up assistance, operating mode selector switch, construction site dislocation, self-regulating continuous braking for the hydrostat (optional), automatic traction power limitation, hydraulic axle lock, centre wheels can be unloaded, vertically lowered wheels, centre pivot steering, large lateral overhang of the wheel edges from the chassis, free view of outer wheel edges protruding to the front, small turning circle, simple re-ballasting through steel plates (wheel load max. 3 t, only for PW16A), no excess height on low loader. Miscellaneous additional equipment available.