STECK Single-drum vibration rollers

The popular STECK single-drum rollers are available in various designs and with additional equipment. Take a look at the list of additional Equipment!

TypeMotorOperating weightRoller widthleaflet
EW 5Hatz / Honda460 kg700 mmRoller EW 
EW 5LHatz / Honda520 kg700 mmEquipment EW 
EW 7Hatz / Honda580 kg740 mm 
EW 7LHatz / Honda630 kg740 mm 
Single-drum roller STECK EW5Single-drum roller STECK EW5 and EW5LSingle-drum roller STECK EW5 L

Free roller side on the right, left roller side free up to height of 38/40 cm. Large, steerable supporting wheel, fixed, or only supporting foot. Continuously adjustable traction drive, sound-proofed diesel motor with automatic cold-start system. No maintenance other than changing the oil and the filter.