STECK Tandem vibration rollers

The tandem roller TB21 is available with various additional equipment. It is made from the same chassis as the combination roller PW2A and can be retrofitted later KW21 and the pneumatic tyred roller PW2A and can be retrofitted later.

*Special designs on request!

TypeOperating weightRoller widthleaflet
TB 212500 kg1030 / 930 mmTandem roller TB21 
*TB 252700 kg1230 mm 
*TB 303200 kg1330 mm 
*TB 353500 kg1330 / 1230 mm 
*TB 444800 kg1240 / 1140 mm 
Tandem vibration roller STECK TB21Tandem vibration roller STECK TB21STECK Pneumatic tyred roller, combination roller and tandem roller

Two free roller sides. Free view of the edges of the roller. Vibrator shutdown at the rear. Pressure sprinkler system from stainless steel, with interval switching circuit. Roller scraper with adjustable suspension, safety equipment in accordance with CE. No maintenance other than changing the oil and the filter.