Special machines

One-off products are our speciality!

As generalist we manufacture special machines according to what you want. With our experience we will get you to your goal. Here are a few examples:

Kernfertiger dam and landfill construction WALO

Complete steel construction, mechanics and assembly of a “Kernfertiger” according to the customer’s specifications. Incl. chassis, undercarriage, asphalt and gravel bucket. Length 9 m, width 4.4 m, height 3.7 m, total weight 25 t.


Embankment rollers for dam and landfill construction WALO

Design and manufacture of special rollers for slopes of up to 40 degrees. Net weight 3500 or 4400 kg.

Embankment rollers STECKCoating work on embankmentsWinch wagons for work on embankments