Did you know...

23 years old

... that Ferdinand Steck was just 23 years old when he built his first road roller in 1936?

First Steck roller First

First vibration roller

... that Steck built the first vibration roller in Switzerland?

Vibration roller

First roller with free roller sides

... that Steck offered the first roller with free roller sides?

Free roller side

2,000 Rollers

... that the company Steck has since built more than 2,000 rollers?

earlier roller range

An invention by Steck

... articulated rollers with all-wheel drive are a development of Steck?

Articulated roller with all-wheel drive

Medal winner

... that Steck won a medal at the International Inventor’s Fair in Brussels in 1965?

Certificate Exhibition of Inventions

The first fully hydraulic Pneucrane

... that Steck built the first fully-hydraulic Pneucrane in the world with an oil Motor?


Automatic Bretzel machines for Kambly

... that Steck manufactured several automatic Bretzel machines for the Kambly Company (biscuits) in 1953?

Kambly automatic Bretzel machines

Steel globes for Bernhard Luginbühl

... that Steck manufactured steel globes for the artist Bernhard Luginbühl for his famous works of art?

Sculpture by Bernhard Luginbühl

Steam locomotive BR 001 180-9

... that Steck owned a BR 001 180-9 steam locomotive (built in 1936) from 1975 to 2011? In 2011, the locomotive returned home to Germany to be rebought in service by "Bayern Bahn GmbH" in Nördlingen and is now used again for public trips.

early landmarks of Bowil